Friday, February 14, 2014


It's been a long, cold, dark winter here in New England. 
These are the terror filled winters you read about, where cabin fever sets in, where dark shadows cast along icy roads, amongst screeching snow laden pines, cracking and snapping in the blustery sub zero wind remind you that ITS COLD AND WINTER SUCKS!

I'm about to share with you, dear reader the cold hard TRUTH of what's really out there.  For those 
of you who do not want their world view shaken, I advise you to turn back, look away, go watch your TV. This isn't going to be for everybody, some of you will not be able to accept it, some will dismiss it out right. Others will think I'm delusional, or have a fanciful imagination. Some will think I'm just an outright liar.

I'm not writing this for those people, I'm writing this, for the few who KNOW I'm telling the truth because they too have seen what I have. 
I'm not alone, there are others like me who have peeled back the facade and now have more questions than answers. 

I am a Seeker of truth and knowledge.

So let us begin....

It was a lovely fall evening, my Son and his girlfriend wanted a ride to the movies to catch the 8:00 showing. I happily agreed to take them and we left around 7:35. 

The night air was cool but not cold, the sky was crystal clear, no clouds at all. As we drove down a familiar road on our way to the theater, I noticed in the upper right side of my windshield, a bright glowing object! 

I pointed it out to the kids and they too saw it moving very slowly, in a straight line west to east, barely over the tree line. Moving approx. 5 mph or less! "what the heck is that?!" I asked knowing full well they certainly didn't know! It wasn't huge, maybe only a little bit bigger than a beach ball. It looked like something on Fire!

I asked the kids if they thought we should follow it and we were all curious as to what it was so we did! I turned right and was now directly behind the object and could see it even better now, it was glowing with what appeared to be bright orange, undulating plasma!! There was NO sound coming from this thing. 

It was not floating like a Chinese lantern (which by the way I have seen and this was NOT THAT) it was not drifting in the wind like a balloon or a kite, it was moving at a consistent and steady rate, in a perfectly straight line. The object was very bright and the color of orange plasma. The center appeared more dense and I could see the outline of a diamond shape on the inside of what can best be described as undulating, burning, plasma!

 I followed it, caught up with it and it STOPPED. So I stopped! I turned my car into a side street that was an entrance to a public park that was then closed to get out of the middle of the street. I now had my car parked and directly facing the object which was now stationary (yet still undulating like a jellyfish!) the kids and I were in AWE! We were all asking the same questions! "What the heck IS THAT??!!"

We starred at it for about a minute and it felt like it was watching us too! Then it moved behind a tree so I pulled my car forward and to the left to get a better vantage again, as I did that my son said "Woah, it just took off!". He saw it make a right angled turn and disappear in less than a second! It was gone! We were stunned! 

All of us tried to make sense of what just happened. I started driving towards the theater and was confused, I couldn't for the life of me REMEMBER how to get to the movie theater I had been to a hundred times, in a town I grew up in and have lived in my entire life!! The kids too, couldn't remember how to get to the theater!! 

We drove around familiar streets, I knew where I was! I just couldn't recall which way was the correct one! Now I would've chalked that up to just being confused after an unusual and disturbing incident, BUT, it wasn't just happening to me! 

We finally figured out which way to go and they ended up being too late for the film they wanted but stayed and caught another movie anyway. The entire event, including getting lost (which is the ONLY time I've ever gotten lost in my hometown!) seemed to only take about a half hour but I'm not certain due to the way we all felt after seeing the strange object. 

We all felt good, euphoric even, but confused at the same time. Anyone that knows me, knows that IF I were to ever get lost, I would normally be agitated and (let's just say) less than pleasant. But we were all HAPPY! Giggling, pleasant, curious, confused but Happy! It was ALMOST the single most weirdest thing I've ever experienced. You'll understand later why I say ALMOST.  

Later that evening I reported our sighting to MUFON. I gave them all the pertinent information declined an interview due to not wanting to draw attention to myself. Here on my Blog, I'm somewhat safe and my personal life is sheltered from the ridicule that comes with this sort of thing.

I've since, researched MANY sightings like mine but to date, no one has come as close to one of these things as we have. Or at least they haven't reported it. KEEP LOOKING UP PEOPLE!

There is SOMETHING out there at night, SOMETHING not yet explained, SOMETHING found all 
over our planet. Go watch some YouTube videos of "fireballs" in the sky. Some ARE Chinese lanterns, some have tails and are clearly meteors, but SOME like the one we saw, are under some sort of intelligent control, these seemingly undulating balls of plasma, traveling at speeds that are supposed to be scientifically impossible, are being filmed and experienced by everyday ordinary people, Police Officers, Boat Captains, Pilots and more! 

Whatever they are, they aren't hiding so go get your phone, your tablet or your camera and go SEE for your self.  After all, SEEING truly is Believing. 


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