Friday, January 08, 2010

The Race to 2012

Is time speeding up? Are the rumors of end times true? Are you experiencing an ever increasing amount of synchronic events? Real life accounts of the paranormal are on the increase. One only needs to notice the increase in number of television shows having to do with ghosts, psychics, prophecies about 2012 and the end times to see that our tangible world is reacting to SOMETHING. What is this something?

I’d call it global consciousness.

Terrence McKenna believed the past and the future were directly influencing the present. Sure he did copious amounts of acid but who’s to say he didn’t open his mind to a higher level of consciousness in the process? His theory of Time Waves are quite interesting. Can you imagine if time were a series of waves in which reflections of the past and intimations of the future come together coexisting with the present? It might explain how one would be able to access occult knowledge. As the veil between these time waves thin or perhaps come together knowledge will be easier to access through meditation, dreams, psychic abilities, and all forms of divination.
Mr. McKenna favored the I Ching for it’s mathematical correlations to time but who’s to say which form of ancient divination is the right one. I say try them all!

How did those Ancients from around the globe (without communicating with one another) come to the same end date of humanity? Quite a parlor trick if you ask me.

I hope they’re wrong!

I’d like to think Raymond Kurzweil has the right idea when he said ; “The Singularity Is Near... We will not experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century; rather we will witness on the order of 20,000 years of progress... Accelerating technology will lead to superhuman machine intelligence that will soon exceed human intelligence, probably by the year 2030. The results on the other side of the 'event horizon' are unpredictable."

Well then, now that’s more like it!
Onward to the singularity, time zero here we come ready or not.

Like we have a choice anyway. ;)


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