Sunday, July 17, 2005



I have had a headache for most of the day and all evening. I left Seekers and came home (10:00ish) and went to bed. I have been feeling different, hard to explain.

Laying in bed I started to feel small and then big and fold inside myself. I know instictively that it's coming through, I cannot name what is coming, I have no name for them but "THEY". My sides feel the pressure and my stomache is aching. I have felt this before , many times before, but this is different it is a stronger feeling, I have felt it this strong only a few times. The last time was in St. Louis at a hotel I was staying at with a boyfriend.

Sug (my daughter) has crawled into bed with me, she had said that there was something in her room. I surround Sug and myself with a Protective Cirlce three times .

I know THEY are coming, I can feel THEY. The bells on my wand are chiming, there is no breeze strong enough to make them move, besides the fact that they are laying flat on my altar. Two times more they chime without a breeze.

THEY are here. I feel THEY moving around us, but THEY can't come near. Sug is talking in her sleep, she says "there's a 4 and a squigly line" I ask her what she means, she repeats "there's a 4 and a squigly line". *Right now the air is thick* It's happening again!

The lines on my paper are widening and then dissapearing. I feel the thundering but there is no storm outside. I say thunder but it is different then the thundering of a weather storm, it is not Mother Nature.

I can see the energy all around me it is getting thicker and I can see the forms coming through, though I cannot make them out. Every hair on body is at attention and the ache in my stomache has moved to my back. It is getting stronger and I can feel the messages coming through but they make no sence.

'Indian worrior'
'Irish blood'

I think to myself, I am of European blood, no Indian or Irish blood.

'Blood of many seers, it is your history.'

I am spiraling, spiraling, I feel myself spiraling around though I sit still.

'You make Harder'
'Circle protection'

The energy is rolling harder and speeding up, I am not sure if they are trying to break my circle or need more energy to comunicate, but I will not break my circle.

'Changes good'
'Fates take care'
'Fates on your side'
'Seeker feels it - messages - puzzles - THINK WITHIN (this comes through in a whispered shout)
'See more'
'Question not'
'Feel puzzle'
'You know -Seeker knows - Grammy knows'
'You special in blood'
'Strong you are - stop fearing - open more'
'Remember work with energies - helping - have no fear'
'Messages Fates'
'Everything changes'
'Remember energies'
'Guardian Angels always here - open eye - you know - no fear - rule to veil opening - visit when THEY like - does not close'

The messages are still coming in and I keep writting. I know that THEY are not what I want to think THEY are, not the Spirits that roam our plain and yet I do not know who THEY are. It is deeper than that. I have felt, seen and comunicated with the Spirit world all of my life and this is different, deeper.

When THEY are done, when THEY have gone it is 2:40am. Only an hour has passed and yet it has felt like hours had passed. When I looked at my clock I expected it to be 5-6 o'clock in the morning.

I cannot really explain how I hear these messages, the only way that I can explain them to you is like hearing voices but in fact I do not hear them, it is more like feeling their words, their messages.


I am happy that Seeker is ready to begin a new chapter. I have had an inner calling to continue what we started years ago, some things are meant to be. And we are meant to investigate and to communicate with all who want to and need to be heard.

So Mote It Be


Blogger Jessica said...

Did that really happen, or is it a story that you guys wrote?

July 19, 2005 11:11 PM  
Blogger Euphrosyne_Mirth said...

This is true. It really happened, I would not make up a story or lie about it, nor was it a dream.

I keep a journal, my Book of Shadows, of all my experiences.

Thank You for asking.

July 21, 2005 3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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November 10, 2007 2:48 PM  

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