Friday, July 22, 2005

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch Legend
In the early 1800s, John Bell moved his family from North Carolina to the Red River bottomland in Robertson County, Tennessee, settling in a community that later became known as Adams. The Bells quickly made many friends and gained prominence in the community. Nearly 17 years later on their farm the Bells began hearing "beating" sounds on the outside walls of their house.
These mysterious sounds continued with increased force each night. The noises were soon followed by more problems. The Bell children began waking up frightened and complaining of sounds. It wasn't long until the children began complaining of more terrifying things--having their bed covers pulled and their pillows were tossed onto the floor by a seemingly invisible force.
As time went on, the Bells began to hear even stranger noises. The encounters escalated, and the Bells’ youngest daughter, Betsy, began experiencing physically brutal encounters with the entity. The evil disturbances escalated over the next year. As word of the Bell disturbances spread throughout the community, so did the entity's antics.
Word eventually spread outside the settlement, even as far as Nashville, where one Andrew Jackson became interested.
Jackson and John Bell had a long discussion about the Indians and other topics while Jackson's men patiently waited to see if the "spirit" was going to manifest itself. One of the men in Jackson's entourage claimed to be a "witch tamer." After several uneventful hours, this man decided to "call" the "spirit." He pulled out a shiny pistol and made his intent to kill the "spirit" known to all that were present.
Almost immediately, the man began screaming and moving his body in many different directions. He said he was being stuck with pins and being severely beaten. The man quickly ran out the door
Jackson, a hero in the Battle of New Orleans four years earlier, was quoted as later having said, "I'd rather fight the entire British Army than to deal with the Bell Witch." Jackson later became the President of the United States.
Today, the "Spirit" which haunted the Bell family nearly 200 years ago is believed by many to be the source of numerous manifestations in the area where the story took place. The faint sounds of people talking and children playing can sometimes be heard in the area. The cause of the Bells' torment nearly 200 years ago and today's unexplained manifestations has remained a mystery.
Check out the link, and click on the trailer for the movie of The Bell Witch. I don't know about you but it gave me the chills.


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